Behind the Body

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Andrea Cutuk and Anna Daltro

13 September 2023

33m 1s

Fit in 30 Minutes: Strategies to Make the Most of Your Time



So many of us feel so busy and overwhelmed, convinced we'll never find time for a workout. The weight of responsibilities is crushing, leaving no room for self-care. But then, a realization hits us like a lightning bolt: It's not about finding time but making time. In this episode, Andrea and Anna discuss how busy women everywhere can transform their lives, fitting in super-effective workouts in just 30 minutes with a little planning and preparation.


In this episode, we will:

  • Recognize how making exercise a priority could revolutionize your overall well-being.

  • Master the art of weaving exercise into the fabric of your busy life without overwhelming yourself.

  • Understand the transformative power of the right mindset and motivation in achieving your fitness goals.

  • Explore the secret of extracting maximum return from efficient 30-minute workouts.

  • Comprehend the powerful synergy of fitness, nutrition, and planning in achieving a holistic health makeover. 

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:06 - Making Time for Exercise

00:03:43 - The Benefits of Exercise

00:06:32 - Optimizing a 30-Minute Workout

00:09:45 - Results in Limited Time

00:14:45 - Overcoming Excuses

00:16:48 - Developing a Habit of Working Out

00:19:28 - Overcoming the Battle in Your Mind

00:23:18 - The Snowball Effect of Fitness Commitment

00:25:44 - Strategies for Short Workouts

00:29:37 - The Pressure of Looking the Part

00:31:57 - The Importance of Movement

00:32:44 - Taking Responsibility for Your Health


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